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Neda works with celebrities and high profile clients as a Vocal Health Coach, Vocal Consultant, Vocal Coach and Voice Teacher for TV and Film.  Her clients can be seen on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, TBS, the CW, and Ryan Murphy’s The Prom. Neda also works with professional and aspiring singing actors, with vocal health, 8-shows-a-week stamina, and career longevity as her top priorities. 


Her fun and empowering approach has helped build powerful voices and rehabilitate singing and speaking voices with vocal injuries or technical challenges.


Neda holds a Masters Degree in Musical Theatre and an Advanced Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy from NYU. She is a certified Vocal Health First Aider from the Vocal Health Education in the UK. 


I came to Neda after losing my voice and needing a way to be able to film without damaging my voice further. She gave me several specific exercises: some to do in the morning and some I could easily do on set in between takes. I couldn't believe how well what she gave me works. My voice was instantly soothed, and I knew that I had not damaged my voice further. After that, I decided to continue singing lessons with her. I have taken singing lessons for years and never felt confident as a singer. Within one session with Neda, I had found my "mix voice." Ten years of sporadic voice lessons didn't do that, but one lesson with Neda did? YES. After five months of singing lessons, I feel so much more confident. My range has doubled. That's right, I am actually a soprano and not the alto I had been told I was for years. I feel energized, challenged, and triumphant after every lesson. Its pretty incredible. Neda is fun, funny, talented and professional. She is gifted at what she does. I feel very lucky to study with her.   -Saba Homayoon, Naz on "Chad" TBS




There’s a balance to everything we do in life. That’s the beauty of it. I balance the physical laws with the uniqueness and diversity of my clients with individually tailored tools that work on the spot. My job is to make sure my clients produce their ultimate, unique best sound with ease. Additionally, I specialize in vocal health, longevity, and rehabilitation among actors and singers. As singing is intimate and incredibly vulnerable, I believe in openness and communication between teacher and student. I create a safe space for my clients so they can be their absolute best creative selves during their session. 

I care deeply about the human voice. The way actors and singers (vocal athletes) utilize their voices is crucial to their performance. Unknowingly, actors and singers can overexert their voices on set, performances, standard interviews and larger press tours, leading to future repercussions such as vocal fatigue, stamina, loss of voice, or other concerns. It is my top priority to make sure my clients are vocally healthy and have the proper tools to integrate into their daily lives. 

 Below are a list of circumstances that can affect one's voice: 

  • Traveling to different countries

  • Allergies

  • Climate and weather changes

  • Lack of sleep

  • Drinking more coffee (dehydrating) than hydrating with water during interviews

  • Dry air on planes

  • Jet lag

  • Winding down with Wine, Beer, or Liquor creating more dehydration.

  • Overusing their voices with their role(s) - too much shouting, screaming, yelling, or laughing

  • Changing their voice for their character- either higher or lower, which could potentially lead to vocal fatigue, vocal strain, and/or some sort of voice pathology

The cycle continues from place to place. After all that travel, they come home or go do another project, their body and voice are not in alignment. 


This is where I come in, providing tailored vocal tools and guidance needed for any and all issues. The techniques I utilize work on the spot, within minutes, and can be used individually by the actor or singer (vocal athlete) whenever and wherever they are needed - virtually or in-person.


I've had a lot of singing teachers over the years and I was very impressed with Neda's skill set and the sheer number of tools and exercises she has (many of which I had never seen) to deal with specific the challenges and limitations of my voice. She's always on the cutting edge of vocal training and learning new techniques, which I love. Neda helped me with my vocal fold paresis issue that I've been dealing with over the last two years, giving me straw phonation exercises that have helped me a lot. She's very effective at producing quick results and so much fun to work with. I would recommend her to anyone, whether you're a beginner or a professional, Neda will help you be a better singer. -Neil Hopkins, Sportsmaster on "Stargirl" The CW


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Due to COVID19 all lessons, events or workshops will now be held via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype until further notice.

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