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Feel free to browse through a list of testimonials from current and previous clients



I came to Neda for an audition that involved singing a song. I have taken singing lessons for years and never felt confident as a singer. Within one session with Neda, I found my mix voice and vibrato. Ten years of sporadic voice lessons didn't do that, but one lesson with Neda did? YES. I felt confident within one session to be able to do a solid rendition of the song for the audition. After, I decided to continue lessons with Neda. Five months of singing lessons later and I feel so much more confident. My range has doubled. That's right, I am actually a soprano and not the alto I had been told I was for years. I feel energized, challenged, and triumphant after every lesson. It's pretty incredible. Neda is fun, funny, talented and professional. She is gifted at what she does. I feel very lucky to study with her. -Saba Homayoon, (CHAD on TBS)



Vocal lessons with Neda have been a necessity in my life for over 4 years; and she has taken me from just a "singer" (with years of industry experience and formal training, no less) to an absolute vocal ATHLETE. I thought that I knew my voice well, but she helped me harness its full capabilities and break years of bad habits, both mentally and vocally. It took not even one lesson for me to know that I was in the best hands possible, and that I would never need to go to anyone else to help me get in shape. For me, training with Neda has become self care in its highest form. Professionalism & charisma will always meet you at the door, but the deep technical knowledge and palatable explanations make even the hardest vocal mountains seem attainable, and will keep you coming back for more! 



I've had a lot of singing teachers over the years and I was very impressed with Neda's skill set and the sheer number of tools and exercises she has (many of which I had never seen) to deal with specific the challenges and limitations of my voice. She's always on the cutting edge of vocal training and learning new techniques, which I love. Neda helped me with my vocal fold paresis issue that I've been dealing with over the last two years, giving me straw phonation exercises that have helped me a lot. She's very effective at producing quick results and so much fun to work with. I would recommend her to anyone, whether you're a beginner or a professional, Neda will help you be a better singer.- Neil Hopkins, (CW's STARGIRL, LOST)



Neda Lahidji keeps my voice sounding strong whether I’m teaching tons of online classes or on TV with Mario Lopez or Gordon Ramsay! I highly recommend her vocal coaching services to anyone who needs to sound smooth like butter.

4C5A7493FINAL copy.jpeg

natalie miller

I have worked with many other vocal coaches, but Neda is the first one that not only has made a lasting improvement in my vocal technique but someone I really connect with as a friend as well! I have been working on improving my breath support for years, but she helped me make the most drastic improvements in only a couple of months of work. She knows exactly what words to use so that I understand and can embody the adjustments perfectly! Ever since I found Neda, I have preached her name from the rooftops. She has so much knowledge on vocal health and the science behind it, and is such a joy to work with! 


Michael Williams

NL Vocal Studio is the best in town! All of Neda’s techniques can train any singer, actor, public speaker, etc. the most healthy & efficient way of using their instrument. Being so well-rounded and flexible, she is a major asset to anyone using their voice in any setting. Whether it’s an advanced professional to a beginner, she’s got you covered! -Michael Williams, Music Producer, Singer/Songwriter


Bob kelly

Neda is truly remarkable! She quickly identified some vocal habits I had developed and, within a short timeframe, equipped me with simple yet effective tools to rectify them. Comparing my "before" and "after" vocal recordings was, frankly, staggering. I am thrilled with the expertise and guidance she offered. Thanks to her, my work now possesses an added professionalism and polish that would have been impossible to achieve otherwise.- Bob Kelly, Composer, Pianist, Songwriter



In the few months I have worked with Neda my vocal training has taken a turn for the better. Neda’s healthy training techniques and vocabulary partnered with her positive attitude have catapulted what I thought was possible with my voice. It is an exciting time to be her student!



Neda is an incredible artist, teacher, and person. I made vocal discoveries within two weeks of working with her that have not been discovered in over 10 years of vocal study. Neda will push you to find the best version of your voice as well as the healthiest so that you can be the best vocal athlete you can be. You will leave lessons with her feeling astronomically more confident in your abilities. 



Neda helped me prepare for several musical auditions for my school as well as auditions for productions outside of school. I loved working with her so much that I take regular voice lessons with her now. She warms my voice up, then we work on growing my voice, mainly my mix and head voice. She has me sing a note, then she has me use one of her tools, and then sing the note again. I can always hear an immediate difference. It’s so cool and makes me want to never stop. She also works on my mental game. She asks me about my goals for the lesson, she reminds me to be easy on myself and show myself grace, she builds my confidence and reminds me that I can hit certain high notes- that I only need to believe I can. I always leave her lessons having had a ton of fun while feeling energized, happy, and confident. 


Jordan shipp

Neda has been an amazing teacher! She adjusts her plan to my needs and provided extremely useful tips and tricks for my vocal health! Highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their voice!

Headshot-Chloë Wendler.jpeg

Chloë Wendler

I was lucky enough to take lessons with Neda for 2 weeks over the summer. Neda is not only an incredible human being but an insanely talented voice teacher. She knows how to meet performers where they are, aid them in reaching their goals, and push them to excel in their craft no matter what they are singing. Neda truly is magic. She taught me more about my voice in 10 lessons than any voice teacher I’ve ever had and the tips/tricks she taught me about alignment/tension I still use almost everyday.

WEB 0334 Emmy Neira.jpg

Emmy Neira

Neda is a master in her craft. We found each other in a time of my life where I was insecure about my voice and did not know how to use it in a healthy way. I have had vocal nodules for years and lose my voice constantly. She helped me with my confidence and how to use my voice properly. I can actually sing really well too? Neda did that!! She is so passionate and we can truly talk for hours. She's a beast and I am honored to have taken lessons with her. I'm a vocal athlete now!

Jeremy’ s Headshot .JPG

jeremy lloyd

Neda, I owe you my whole heart. 

Never have I ever experienced such happiness in a voice lesson before you. Our lessons were like spiritual awakenings for me. I initially came in unsure of myself and my voice. Thankfully in the end, that is NOT how I left. No matter what happened in the lesson, each day I left EXCITED about DOING THE WORK. I was excited because not only did you provide me with amazing tools to use my voice effectively, but I started to notice the results!!! You helped me find the JOY in messing up. The many laughs, the encouragement, the breakthroughs, THEE catch phrases! The catch phrases alone are enough to win any student over! Thank you for helping me rediscover the beauty in voice lessons! You are a brilliantly talented teacher. Forever grateful for you and the time we shared.

Ella Mardirossian headshot.jpeg

Ella mardirossian

The two weeks I got to spend working with Neda Lahidji, deeply changed me as a person and artist! I felt so comfortable walking into your voice lessons and always left feeling proud of the work we had done together. One of my favorite things about working with Neda is how much she prioritizes the mental wellness part of musical theatre. There were times where she would notice how I was in my head, psyching myself out or just being judgmental of myself and she usually caught it before I did. Her constant support and encouragement allowed me to see past the hard days and get back up again! Anyone should be lucky to work with her, as she is a true queen!!

Stephanie Garofalo Headshot 1.jpeg

stephanie garofalo

I worked with Neda during the Actor Therapy: New York or Bust Intensive this past August. I was extremely nervous coming into the program as I was struggling with a vocal injury at the time and wasn’t sure if I would be able to excel, specifically at singing. Neda gave me so much amazing advice on how to care for my voice through this struggle and we used our lesson time wisely to make sure I was sounding healthy and not overusing my voice. She also recommended me to a wonderful speech therapist who I now work with in continuing my vocal healing. Neda is a wonderful, caring and articulate voice coach and I would 1000% recommend working with her no matter where you’re at in your vocal career!


lin xinyao

Each session with Neda was delightful to me. Because of her coaching technique, I'm surprised all the time by how my singing voice is changing and getting purer and more powerful. Neda is very sweet and engaging, giving all her warmth and professionalism into each session. I enjoy so much learning from Neda and I'll keep dreaming big!

Aidan Harris.jpg


Neda is an outstanding Voice Instructor. I've had the pleasure to work with her, and in that amount of time I've learned so much from her. She has taught me when it comes to singing that the tiniest adjustments can make the biggest change. Neda's passion for music, teaching, and Vocal Performance reflect in all of her lessons. She provides a safe environment for her students to express themselves as individual artists through singing. I highly recommend working with Neda!

Carolyna Reyes.jpg


Neda is one of the best vocal coaches I’ve worked with. She is always so warm-hearted and fun, she can have you belting a note you were sure you’d never reach with only ten minutes and a few words of encouragement! She truly listens to your voice and knows just how to make you grow as a performer!

Elise Gonsalves.jpg

Elise Gonsalves

I have had the honor to be a sponge when it comes to this amazing gem of a teacher and person. The amount of knowledge, tricks and tools Neda has to offer is priceless. I am a Dancer first, so being in a space where I feel safe to be uncomfortable and learn is very special. The last year of working with her I've grown so much. She has an undeniable charm that allows for laughter to drive the practice but also doesn't let you get away with anything but your very best. 

Erika Cruz.jpg

Erika Cruz

Amazing! Marvelous! In just one work session she not only improved my technique but also my tonality and sound. I was blown away! She really works with students to figure out which technique will work best for them as an individual and I have only found that in a few mentors. Super sweet and kind as well as incredibly talented human being!

Franco Bianchi.jpg

Franco Bianchi

RESULTS. Neda brings the best out of you. She's an incredible teacher and an inspiration. She gets it. She knows how to work with each person individually and knows what it's best for each different person and each different voice. She helps you develop your voice in the right direction and pushes you to find the best of you. On top of this, Neda is comforting, understanding and a sweetheart! At the same time, she's also honest and she doesn't give up! She is encouraging and is all the time insisting that you didn't get to the max of your ability, that there is always more to learn and develop… inspiring! I 100% recommend Neda as a teacher. She gave me techniques and phrases I'll never forget.

Jenna ONeill.jpg

Jenna O'Neill

In this business, it can sometimes be difficult to find such genuine warmth and generosity, yet Neda Lahidji creates a clearly positive and welcoming environment for all of her clients. It was clear Neda's studio is worth it when over just a few lessons, several of my colleagues noticed a difference in my voice. Each lesson is nuanced towards my specific goals, and I feel confident as ever approaching audition rooms. She's the real deal. 

Katie Rose.jpg

Katie Rose

Neda has taught me to be a confident singer. She emphasizes the importance of healthy vocal technique and has expanded my ability to sing all different styles of music in just a short few months. 

Laura Kelly.jpg

Laura Kelly

Working with Neda, I know I’ll be given tools that I can apply immediately and repeatedly throughout the week. Her education and knowledge is apparent, and our lessons are crafted toward exactly what my voice needs. Neda keeps an open line of communication, so I’m never nervous to ask that silly question about that thing I’m probably pronouncing wrong. I always leave Neda’s lessons rejuvenated and excited!

Lenessa Age.jpg

Lenessa Age

Neda is so sweet and so smart! Every time I see her she is warm, friendly, and very approachable. She was a guest in my mock panel class and in one class you could already see the differences she was making in all of our voices and audition cuts. She is full of so many vocal tricks and knowledge, it’s truly amazing. Definitely someone you want to have in your life making you as great as you can possibly be!

Meredith O'Brien.jpg

Meredith O'Brien

Where to begin! At my very first lesson, Neda knew exactly what I needed in order to have a freer tone and sing with ease. She has great warm ups and exercises that I use daily. Also her ability to be able to communicate what exactly is happening in my body and with my voice was crucial to my rapid success. She understands the voice not only as an instrument but as a part of the human body. Working with her is not only an absolute joy, but has made me a more skilled vocalist. I am extremely grateful for our past lessons and our lessons yet to come!

Nicole Rush.jpg

Nicole Rush

Not only does working with Neda help improve my voice vastly every time I meet with her, but it also feels like working with a really close friend, which is a pretty cool bonus. She's always sweet, supportive, and pushing you to do your very best. I leave feeling confident and proud in how my voice has grown, what it achieved and what I can accomplish in the future with Neda. For that I am so thankful.

Paola Gomez.jpg

Paola Gomez

I will be forever grateful for all the things Neda taught me. I used to be super insecure about my voice because I was not familiar with all the possibilities we have as women with our voices. I didn't fully understand many concepts about singing. It was my belief that the ability to belt your heart out reaching unthinkable notes was that of a great female singer and, if you weren’t able to do it a “certain” way, then you suck. Once I met Neda, all of that misinformation, prejudices and myths about women voices that I once believed disappeared. I found myself singing in a healthy way, with projection and sound that I never imagined was inside me. Each lesson was encouraging, and with her help I built confidence and learned the techniques that helped me improve my instrument so far. A voice coach that is only nice and keeps things easy for you is not a good voice coach. To me, a good voice coach is one who pushes you to work harder each time, someone who tells you the truth about your progress, someone who helps you to trust yourself and on top of everything someone who teaches you how to sing in a healthy way. Neda has all these qualities. PLUS she is hilarious and creative which makes each lesson an amazing experience. Also, as a Latina with Spanish as my first language, she helped me immensely with the right pronunciation. Only a teacher who truly cares about their students will pay attention to details such as that one. As singers we never stop learning and improving, and I just started a whole new journey with her. Thank you forever sweet Neda!

Samuel Fierro.jpg

Samuel Fierro

Neda has been able to show me what it means to really sing with freedom. I started to notice a change within the first couple minutes of our lesson. The great part about her vocal regimen is that it is simple yet so effective. It eliminates the element of overthinking in vocal exercises and singing. Her technique allows us to produce a professional sound without fuss or worry. I would highly suggest anyone to sign up as soon as you can for a wonderful lesson with this gem.

Stephen Rodondi.JPG

Stephen Rodondi

Neda Lahidji is an amazing vocal instructor. She is so passionate about teaching; it shows in her private lessons. She is so intelligent when it comes to vocal technique and vocal health. I’ve been taking vocal lessons with her for only two months now, and I’ve already seen an increase in pitch, tonality, breath control, and all around support. I fully recommend Neda, for anyone who wants to get better in their voice.

TJ Kubler.JPG

TJ Kubler

Working with Neda is such a wonderful experience! I have been studying voice for a long time and she taught me things in just one lesson that I had never tried before, and found very helpful. She really listens to you sing and can pinpoint exactly what you need to fix when you hit a trouble spot. She understands how the voice works and helps explain all of her exercises she has you do in a way that everyone can understand it. If you’re looking for a new voice teacher, no matter what your level of training is, she might just be the perfect fit for you! 

Victoria Prado.jpeg

Victoria Prado

Neda is a great teacher. I’ve been able to learn so much from her in such a short amount of time. She’s really great at understanding what your personal needs are as a performer and provides a clear way to achieve your goals. I would definitely recommend her!  

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