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Dear Parents,

Both of my daughters are already missing Neda Lahidji, their vocal coach from San Jose, CA, although they feel incredibly fortunate to have worked so closely with her. And, as a mother who sat and listened on the sidelines, I wholeheartedly agree. From the start, we found Neda to be patient, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable.

Neda always made herself available when my girls called her with a new challenge. When one of my daughters needed to find and perfect an audition song in only four weeks, Neda provided a variety of choices, helping her hone in on the best selection and work on it note-by-note.  With her in-depth understanding of and experience in musical theater, Neda quickly assessed my daughter’s situation and skills, guiding her toward her audition and the lead in her school’s upcoming musical.

Neda has also worked extensively with my other daughter to expand her range, gently teasing her out of her comfort zone. An extraordinary teacher, Neda excels at providing guidance and practical exercises to help her students find the all-important mix between head and chest voice.  Most importantly, Neda’s passion for music and musical theater is contagious. Both of my girls always left their lessons feeling more confident and positive about whatever challenges they faced.

I recommend Neda without reservation to any parent looking for a voice coach who can help his or her child soar!



Sheree Kirby

San Jose, CA

To prospective parents looking for a voice teacher:

I would highly recommend Neda Lahidji as a voice teacher for children. Neda is a gifted singer with an amazing voice and she carries this special gift into her vocal lessons.

I first met Neda in 2013 when she was the Vocal Director for the Children’s Musical Theater’s Wizard of Oz. Neda was very friendly, positive, and passionate about the vocal rehearsals. She showed the kids respect, was patient when she needed to be, firm when necessary and provided the kids with the necessary tools for them to succeed in their singing. Neda’s passion for singing and her excellent teaching skills made the show fun and a huge success.

My daughter was then extremely fortunate to have had Neda as her vocal teacher following the end of the show. Neda’s passion for music and for teaching kids is evident in every lesson she has given my daughter. She is enthusiastic, energetic and uses many positive teaching techniques. Neda’s lessons also address performance techniques, which are particularly helpful to my daughter.

I would highly recommend Neda as a vocal teacher. I am tremendously grateful to her for everything she has taught my daughter.


Paula Fujimoto


I highly recommend Neda Lahidji as a voice teacher for any child wanting to improve their singing/voice.  My daughter (14 years old), took lessons with Neda for over 6 months (2014) and we were very impressed with her talents as a voice teacher.  The only reason we stopped was because Neda left San Jose to continue her education in New York.  During the time that Neda instructed our daughter she helped her decide on an audition song (for Children’s Musical theater), and practiced with her.  She worked on different voice technics and used visual examples which were helpful in developing my daughters voice.  We were able to see an improvement in my daughters ability to carry notes.  Overall, Neda is a responsible, caring, teacher that thinks about the whole child and what’s the best way to bring out the talent in the child. On a more personal note, Neda is a great role model for my daughter.  Neda has taken the time to talk to my daughter about school and her career in musical theater.  My daughter would also like to continue her education in theater.



Linda Grey